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What if I told you that you could enhance the canine:human bond you share with your dog through the magic of holistic grooming?

Thank you for joining me here in this safe space of learning, growing and bonding together. Over the last eight years I have spent a considerable number of hours studying and observing the benefits of grooming, specifically between humans and their beloved dogs. Having obtained my official training and qualification in professional dog groomer and later, my Diploma in Canine Behaviour, Psychology and Safe-Handling I realised rather quickly that the professional grooming industry represented a task-based, aesthetic-focused sector that was far from the authentic and indigenous purpose of grooming in the Wild. 

This revelation spurred me down a rabbit hole as I began to explore and experiment with the idea that grooming, was never really about making a dog look pretty, but actually a very ancient form of natural therapy and healing that when utilised and embraced mindfully, could enhance both the emotional and physical health, and wellbeing of a dog and his/her carer. In 2021, I released my first book, 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' introducing my initial observations and results as I began to demonstrate and record my findings from within my own dog grooming and rehabilitation clinic. Since then, I have coined my own accreditation for professional groomers that revolutionises the way humans have always approached grooming tasks, to give birth to a whole new ethos that supports and respects an animals need to feel safe in order to really embrace grooming as a way to enhance and preserve health and wellness.

Grooming is healing.

My book, 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' quickly became an Amazon Number 1 Bestseller in not one but SEVEN categories including 'Veterinary Medicine', 'Dog Training' and 'Dog Care'. 

Since its release hundred of pet professionals and dog carers from all around the world have been inspired to learn ways to make grooming sessions with their dogs more holistic and dog-centred, sharing with me their amazing stories through beautiful reviews, letters and e-mails. 

The book continues to be one of my most popular products, three years later to which I am so grateful. 


Consent is safety.

I spend a great deal of my time helping both pet professionals and dog carers understand the significance of a more consensual approach to grooming that respects a dog's need to feel safe in an environment. Over the last four years particularly, I have been blessed to speak at various educational events and conferences both online and in person, where I continue to spread my message and share my teachings with those who are interested in developing their compassion in working with dogs in a more loving and dog-focussed way.

Discover how I can help you.

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Great to have you join us!

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